Bankruptcy Document Checklist

The following is a list of items that will need to be provided to your attorney prior to filing your bankruptcy case:

  • Last 4 years of tax returns
  • Last 6 months of pay stubs
  • Insurance Policies (auto & life)
  • Deeds to real property, if applicable (Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust only)
  • Property tax statements for last 2 years, if applicable
  • Contracts on auto purchases, if applicable
  • Last 6 months of bank statements
  • Divorce Decree and/or Child Support Orders, if applicable
  • Pleadings for all pending law suits, if applicable
  • Last 3 months of bills or creditor correspondence
  • Credit report
  • Copy of Social Security Card and Driver's License

Other Things You Will Need To Do

In addition to the foregoing, you will be required to attend a Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Course and obtain a Certificate of Completion. Your bankruptcy case will not be able to be filed without that certificate.

You can also anticipate that your attorney will ask you to complete a detailed worksheet which will require you to list all of your debts and all of your assets, as well as information regarding your financial history.