What Is An Adversary Proceeding?

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An adversary proceeding is the action that takes place within a bankruptcy when a creditor objects to a debt being discharged. Not all bankruptcy attorneys handle adversary proceedings, as they are relatively rare and substantially different than what takes place during the typical bankruptcy process.

Attorney Liza A. Greene at the law offices of Laura Dale & Associates, handles adversary proceedings. Her record of success in this area of bankruptcy law has led to many of her peers referring these cases to her.

Reasons For Adversary Proceedings

Creditors will frequently look for opportunities to object to a bankruptcy filing. Issues that could prevent your bankruptcy from being approved include:

  • Dischargeability issues: This is when the creditor claims that a debt should be exempt from discharge. A common example is credit card debt that was accrued within 90 days of filing bankruptcy.
  • Fraud allegations: This is when a creditor claims that some form of fraud has taken place. For example, a creditor may claim that a loan application listed an inflated income.
  • Preference actions: This is when a creditor claims that some debts were paid back prior to the bankruptcy filing based on an unfair preference. For example, a creditor may claim that a family member was repaid for a personal loan.

Any of these claims may lead to litigation that Liza A. Greene is well-equipped to handle. She is one of the select few attorneys to be board-certified in consumer bankruptcy law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience Resolving Bankruptcy Disputes

While bankruptcy tends to be paperwork driven, disputes can arise and an attorney should be equipped to handle them. Liza A. Greene is prepared to take on creditors and any other parties that have a conflict with the bankruptcy filing. She understands what to do when an attorney general files a proof of claim against a bankruptcy debtor.

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