The Truth Behind Bankruptcy Myths

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Attorney Liza A. Greene at the Houston law offices of Laura Dale & Associates, takes pride in dispelling the myths that prevent many people from enjoying the benefits of bankruptcy.

The First Myth: ‘I’m Going To Lose Everything I Own’

Nobody is going to show up at your home and collect all your belongings. Keeping your property in bankruptcy is a definite possibility, especially with a lawyer like Liza A. Greene on your side. She has been handling cases like yours for more than 30 years.

The Second Myth: ‘Bankruptcy Will Leave Me Completely Debt Free’

This is not completely untrue. Bankruptcy can leave you completely debt free. However, if you want to keep your home, your car or other items that you still owe money on, you will have to keep making payments. You have to pay for what you keep. If you keep nothing, you owe nothing. As a board-certified consumer bankruptcy law attorney, Liza A. Greene takes great care to customize a strategy to create a strong financial future for you.

The Third Myth: ‘I Will Never Have Credit Again’

Life after bankruptcy is not what you have been led to believe. You will be able to get credit, and sooner than you may think. You will just not have to worry about creditor harassment, threats of foreclosure or wage garnishment, and other issues.

The Biggest Bankruptcy Myth Of All: ‘Only Deadbeats File Bankruptcy’

The best way to eliminate this misconception is to take a trip to the bankruptcy court and see who is there for their creditor meetings. It’s not deadbeats. It’s normal people like you, people who have lost their jobs, been stricken with a medical condition or faced with a similar unexpected situation that has caused debt to grow out of control. You are not a deadbeat.

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Liza A. Greene helps people file for bankruptcy and is a debt relief agency as defined by the Bankruptcy Code.

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