Moving Forward After A Bankruptcy

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Fact: Bankruptcy will go on your credit report. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay there for 10 years. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stay there for 7 years.

Fact: Bankruptcy in your credit history does not mean you cannot get credit. You will be surprised to find out that, even with the bankruptcy on your credit report, you are soon able to get credit as if you have not filed bankruptcy at all. Typically, people are able to get credit within two years of filing bankruptcy. There are ways to re-establish credit even faster.

Choose A Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Is Concerned About Your Future

When you choose Liza A. Greene at the Houston law offices of Laura Dale & Associates, to handle your bankruptcy, you will have a lawyer on your side who is committed not only to resolving your current debt problem, but to giving you a fresh start on your financial future. She has been helping people like you overcome debt since 1981.

You will be given guidance about the steps you can take to re-establish credit as soon as possible. There are some obvious techniques such as making certain that any remaining payments are paid on time every time. Other techniques are not so obvious.

There Is Life After Bankruptcy, And It Is A Good Life

Imagine not having to worry about picking up the phone and hearing a creditor screaming in your ear. Imagine not seeing the pile of past due notices in the mailbox. Imagine getting a good night of sleep without the stress of wondering how you are possibly going to stretch your paycheck out enough to cover everything. This is the life bankruptcy provides.

Schedule A Consultation To Learn More

Contact the firm to schedule a consultation about life after bankruptcy with a Texas attorney. Call us now at 713-574-7952, to start the deb relief process.

Liza A. Greene helps people file for bankruptcy and is a debt relief agency as defined by the Bankruptcy Code.

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