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When parents get divorce or unmarried parents decide to go their separate ways, child support is often one of the most contested issues in a divorce. Mothers and fathers tend to have many questions about this issue, and our Houston attorneys at Laura Dale & Associates, have the answers you are looking for.

How is child support determined?

Child support is income-based and determined according to Texas child support guidelines. See our child support page for information.

Can you receive more support than the statutory guidelines call for?

If there are facts present in your situation that you believe call for more support, you can seek additional support. Common arguments for above guideline support center on the need to maintain a lifestyle the children are accustomed to, the special needs of children with disabilities or medical conditions, and the need for psychological counseling for a child after divorce.

How can I make my child’s father pay child support?

If you were married, your husband is presumed to be the father and child support will be determined according to statutory guidelines. If you were not married, it is required that you establish paternity before child support will be required.

I’m paying too much in child support. What can I do?

If you have lost your job or something else has resulted in a significant material change in your circumstances, you can seek child support modification. Likewise, if you suspect your child’s other parent is not paying enough or he or she has received a significant increase in income, you can seek to have child support modified upward.

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