Questions About LGBTQ Marriage In Texas

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At Laura Dale & Associates, we provide full-service family law representation to same-sex couples. On this page we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about same-sex marriage and LGBTQ family law issues in Texas.

Do gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and transsexual individuals have the same rights as heterosexuals in Texas?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Same-sex marriages are not recognized under Texas law, but recent court decisions may indicate that change in the law is forthcoming. Whether same-sex marriages are recognized in our state or not, our lawyers can help you protect your rights.

Why do I need legal representation if my marriage is not recognized?

Many of the issues that are resolved by divorce, such as property rights and parental rights, remain unresolved in the lives of same-sex couples whether they are married or not. We can draft agreements that protect your rights and provide you with peace of mind as you enter into a committed relationship. Issues we can assist you with include second-parent adoptions, gestational surrogacy agreements, property division, child-custody, and cohabitation agreements.

I was married in another state/country? Can you help me with my divorce?

These issues are extremely complex, but we have the resources and experience necessary to achieve successful outcomes. We have achieved tremendous results in international family law matters and we remain on the cutting edge of these developing issues.

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Knowing your rights is the first step towards protecting them. For more answers to your questions about LGBTQ family law, contact our Houston firm today for a consultation.

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