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Whether you were the primary earner in the household or you supported your husband’s career by staying home to raise your children, make a comfortable home and keep your household running smoothly, you need an attorney to protect your quality of life and future opportunities.

Laura Dale & Associates, is a full-service Houston family law firm that provides women with skilled representation in high-asset divorce cases. Collectively, our lawyers have decades of experience and are equipped to handle even the most complex divorce and family law issues, including division of property, asset valuation and spousal maintenance.

Answers To Divorce Questions Frequently Asked By Women

I haven’t been the breadwinner in my marriage. How will I survive my retirement years? You may not have been the breadwinner, but your contributions to the marriage were a part of your spouse’s success and you deserve to be compensated and maintain a comparable quality of life after your divorce.

Our attorneys are skilled at tailoring property division agreements and settlements to the needs of our clients, accounting for issues such as health insurance. We strive to make sure that assets are structured in a way that maximizes income streams for retirement so you are not left without resources as you move on with your life.

Will I be eligible for spousal maintenance? Will I have to provide spousal maintenance? If you have been married for more than 10 years and you do not have the resources, education or earnings potential to provide for your “minimum reasonable needs,” then you are eligible to receive spousal maintenance payments. We will fight for your right to maintenance and make sure that the marital estate’s assets are properly valued so that you receive a fair share of the property and income going forward.

If your marriage lasted for more than 10 years and you were the primary breadwinner, you may have to provide spousal maintenance if your husband does not have the resources to provide for his own “minimum reasonable needs.” We will fight for your rights and minimize your exposure to providing spousal maintenance.

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We can answer your questions and position you to successfully navigate the divorce process. To learn more about how we can help you protect your quality of life after divorce, contact us today for a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney.

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