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Divorce, divorce forms and self-help

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2012 | Divorce

Though various standard forms have been approved regarding divorce, the Texas Supreme Court has stated that “it is always best” to hire an attorney when contemplating a divorce. There is no shortage of online and other materials advertised allowing for individuals to handle the divorce themselves. However, as we mentioned in a previous post, divorce is never simple or easy under any circumstances.

There are many accompanying statements that come along with the approved forms. One item that needs to be stressed is that these forms should only be used by individuals representing themselves when the divorce is uncontested.

Though the thinking behind providing the forms is that poorer clients may be better able to afford the divorce process if forms are available, there are probably other ways to help out these individuals than to convince them to handle the divorce by themselves. Also, the term “uncontested” can often be misleading. There are likely far fewer uncontested divorces than some individuals have been led to believe.

Too often, individuals only come to regret decisions made during the process of the divorce after the divorce has already taken place. Even issues that are correctible at this point will likely cost divorced individuals a great deal of money when trying to remedy a mistake.

Family law attorneys understand the complexities of a divorce. These professionals have been involved in past property division disputes, child custody matters, determinations as to child support and alimony amounts, and the long term consequences of signing particular stipulations.

Divorce is one of those matters that need to be handled correctly.

Source: Star-Telegram,  Nov. 27, 2012

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