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Supporting The Best Interests Of Children And Families

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Children’s well-being is at the center of many areas of family law. When adults experience family changes, those changes often involve challenges that affect children. Whether you are seeking custody of a child or need to modify the child support arrangements, you need sound legal advice early in the process. When you and the child you love need strong advocacy, turn to a Texas law firm with a reputation for success.

At Laura Dale & Associates, we help families navigate complex legal problems that involve children. We understand that your case not only affects your life, but that it can also impact your child’s development and the quality of family relationships. Reasons to entrust your child-related case to us include our:

  • Mediation skills
  • Backgrounds in psychophysiology and social work
  • Track record of results

The outcome of your custody case, adoption or any legal matter can have a lifelong impact on your child’s well-being. At this critical time, you deserve professional, attentive counsel as you pursue the solutions that your family needs.

Our firm was founded by Laura Dale, who is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She is a certified mediator, a certified collaborative law attorney and a certified parenting coordinator. In addition, she is a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

Child Support, Custody & Full Advocacy For Families

Your child-related issues may be part of a divorce or they may be standalone legal matters. We will customize our guidance to your circumstances. Our team can guide you through a full range of important issues that affect your family, such as:

  • Child custody determination and modifications: Which parent has consistently taken responsibility for a child’s day-to-day needs? Are there safety concerns that merit a closer look?
  • Parenting plans: How will you and the other parent handle scheduled transfers from one household to the other in supportive, practical ways?
  • Child support arrangements: Are there reasons to deviate from the state’s child support calculator?
  • Relocation: How can you convince a family court judge that your proposal to move from one area of Texas to another for a new job or to care for elderly parents is in your child’s best interests?
  • Establishment of paternity and fathers’ rights: How can you assert your right to be involved in the life of your child born outside of marriage?
  • Grandparents’ rights for child custody or visitation: Learn of your options for putting the law on your side when you have been helping raise grandchildren and need a more secure legal status.
  • International family law matters: Complete your international adoption or get help resolving your child custody and support case despite the other parent’s location abroad.
  • Domestic violence, child abuse and child abduction: Get the legal protections that you and your child need to live peacefully and feel safe.

Our lawyers and staff are here to provide experienced legal support in all family law challenges. Several members of our firm are board-certified in Texas family law. We can draw upon our deep legal knowledge to find a solution for your case.

We Will Adapt Our Strategy To Your Unique Situation

In many cases involving children, preserving family relationships can be difficult but worthwhile. Our lawyers skillfully negotiate or mediate to peacefully resolve issues between parents or family members when possible. We are also adept at collaborative law processes. Amicable approaches such as these often help parties cooperate effectively as they continue co-parenting children over time.

However, negotiation is not always possible or appropriate. Our trial attorneys use assertive tactics in court to fight for a fair outcome. When you and your child face a serious issue, we are committed to getting meaningful results. See a sampling of some of the glowing testimonials we regularly receive from clients whom we have helped.

Let Us Answer Your Questions

More than anything else, you are wondering what will happen to your children after this uncertain time. Our lawyers have handled many cases similar to yours, so we know how to answer your questions. You can see some of our responses to other clients’ frequently asked questions below.

How is custody different in Texas than in other states?

To begin, custody in Texas is also known as conservatorship. Parents can share conservatorship – known as joint managing conservatorship – or only one parent may have conservatorship. This is known as sole managing conservatorship. Texas refers to visitation as possession and access.

Can my Texas custody order be modified?

Family law judges understand that your life circumstances may change after you receive a custody order. You may petition for a modification of an existing custody order if you or your child’s other parent experience a significant life change such as:

  • Relocating out of state
  • Loss of a job
  • Addiction
  • Physical abuse or neglect
  • Severe mental illness

Judges will also grant a modification if both parents agree on the suggested changes.

Does domestic violence or abuse affect a custody case?

Although the court system tries to award joint managing conservatorships when it can, allegations of abuse can greatly affect a conservatorship decision. A history of domestic violence or child abuse often result in the judge awarding sole managing conservatorship to one parent.

These are probably only a few of the questions you need to ask. Get in touch with us in person to get more answers.

Turn To Our Dedicated, Accomplished Attorneys For Reliable Answers

Know your rights as a parent or family member and protect the children in your life. Our team at Laura Dale & Associates is ready to represent you.

Clear communication with our clients is important to us, from start to finish. Call 713-574-7952 or email us in Houston to schedule a consultation.

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