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Child Custody Orders

Child custody orders included in a divorce or created as stand-alone orders are subject to modification if one or both parents have experienced substantial changes in circumstances. The vast majority of parents put their children’s best interests in the forefront of any custody modification or visitation changes they make while raising them. Mothers and fathers also naturally guard their parental rights.

Child Custody Modification Attorneys for Changes Of Circumstance

A custody modification lawyer may be needed if changes are necessary, especially if one parent has gone to prison, if a parent is in the military and deployed out of the area, if a parent has a medical problem, or if either parent has remarried or taken a new job in a new location. Other compelling factors may include a child’s special needs or voluntary relinquishment of the child by a parent to another person, in which case a custody modification attorney can be especially helpful.

An experienced child custody attorney at Laura Dale & Associates, can help you file a petition or file a counter-petition.

A child’s stated preference, if the child is 12 years old or older, may factor into a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR) in pursuit of a child custody modification. If our law firm represents you, you can rest assured that we are well-prepared to apply our knowledge and skills to protect your parental rights. We are ready to take the steps necessary to pursue your custody modification goals while taking into account your children’s best interests.

Sometimes a parent who will lose frequent contact with a child in the event of a move raises objections and tries to block the child custody modification. Whichever side of a Texas child custody case you are on (petitioning for a modification or seeing to prevent a modification), the law firm of Laura Dale & Associates, is here to advise and represent you zealously and capably in getting your child custody order modified.

How Will A Family Law Court Take A Teenage Child’s Preferences Into Account In A Modification?

Sometimes parents believe they can negotiate a change in a custody arrangement on their own, without involving a lawyer or judge. Such parents sometimes come to our law firm asking, “Do we have to take this to court to get our custody order modified?” We typically let them know that informal arrangements may work for a short period of time, but if either parent reneges on the plan, a child’s sense of security may be at stake. Potential disruptions to a child’s well-being through unexpected moves, changes of school and changes in family structure are often avoidable by looking into custody modifications.

Need a Custody Modification or to Change Your Visitation Schedule? Talk To Us

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