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Substance Abuse And Divorce

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Drug and alcohol abuse have long been contributing factors in Texas divorces. Substance abuse can put an enormous strain on a relationship. That strain often results in the breakdown of a marriage. How the court handles substance abuse issues is largely dependent on how the parties address those issues before and during the process.

At Laura Dale & Associates, in Houston, our family law attorneys are experienced in helping clients deal with substance abuse concerns. If you need assistance with a divorce or custody matter and substance abuse is a likely topic, we are qualified to help you.

Tackle The Problem Right Away

Temporary orders cover a broad range of topics that will greatly impact your life while the divorce process is completed. If substance abuse is an issue, it is important to have your evidence lined up before setting foot in court. Child custody, visitation and support may all be impacted by the specter of alcohol or drug use. Temporary orders can help provide emotional and financial stability and reduce the potential harm of substance abuse.

Family violence and substance abuse often go hand in hand. Protective orders and other measures may be considered if one party is alleged to have a substance abuse problem. You must be prepared to answer questions and present evidence to protect yourself and your family in cases involving drug or alcohol abuse.

Contact A Skilled Advocate

We can answer your questions and protect your rights through any family law proceeding. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your consultation. We can discuss the specifics of your case and get to work right away.

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