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Obtaining A Financial Restraining Order

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When a divorce is extremely contentious or there are a large number of financial assets at stake, trusting your spouse to not take harmful financial actions may not be a viable option. To protect your property rights during your divorce, it may be necessary to have a divorce attorney help you pursue a temporary financial restraining order.

At Laura Dale & Associates, in Houston, we can help you obtain a financial restraining order to ensure your spouse does not change the financial status of your estate during or leading up to your divorce proceedings. This can be a complicated process, but our attorneys will represent you at hearings and make sure you are fully prepared for everything you may encounter.

What Can A Financial Restraining Order Do?

The goal of a financial restraining order is to maintain the status quo so that a marital estate can be divided equitably according to community property rules. The restraining order can prevent either party in the divorce from taking financial actions such as:

  • Canceling or modifying insurance policies to terminate coverage of the opposing party or children; this includes changing beneficiaries of the policies
  • Transferring or eliminating property in a way that is not within the usual course of business
  • Making large, extraordinary purchases without providing proper notice and accounting

There are exceptions and complexities within these three rules. The best way to understand whether you can be aided by having a financial restraining order is to discuss the specifics of your case with our attorneys.

Let Us Protect Your Property Rights

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