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Understanding Grandparents' Rights In Texas

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Grandparents who are concerned about the health and well-being of their grandchildren have several legal avenues they can explore. If you believe that your grandchild is being harmed physically or emotionally by his or her parents, it is possible to seek custody. If you believe that your grandchild’s emotional development is being stunted because you are denied access, you may be able to seek visitation rights. You should speak to a qualified family law attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your rights.

At Laura Dale & Associates, in Houston, we have substantial experience in child custody and visitation cases. We have handled numerous cases for concerned grandparents. Laura Dale has particular experience in cases involving mental illness and substance abuse. She understands the impact these conditions have on children, and she can help you protect your grandchildren in and out of the courtroom.

The Best Interests Of the Child

All custody and visitation matters are considered in terms of what is best for the child. A grandparent must be able to show that his or her absence from a grandchild’s life has a negative impact on the child’s emotional development. It is not enough to say that, as a grandparent, you want to see your grandkids. We can help you gather and present the necessary information to assert your rights.

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Your grandchildren are important to you. If you are concerned about their well-being and want to learn more about your options for gaining custody or visitation rights, we can help you. Call us or contact us online to discuss your situation.

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