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Can I Seek An Annulment Instead Of A Divorce?

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Seeking an annulment is similar to seeking a divorce in many respects. While the processes are alike, the requirements and the results are different. Getting an annulment means legally declaring that there never was a valid marriage in the first place. You must prove that the basis for the annulment existed when the marriage ceremony took place..

There are several reasons to seek an annulment as opposed to a divorce. We can help you understand your options and pursue an annulment if that is the course you choose.

At Laura Dale & Associates, our talented lawyers have extensive experience with Texas family law. We help people through the difficult process of getting a divorce or annulment. Our firm uses a team approach to help clients with property division, child custody, support and other issues that arise in annulment cases. If you are involved in an annulment proceeding or if you are considering one, we can give you the advice and dedicated representation you deserve.

Declaring Your Marriage Void

Texas statutes provide several potential grounds for annulment. A person who was underage or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the wedding may be entitled to an annulment. An annulment can be granted in situations involving fraud, duress or force. If a marriage ceremony occurs within three days of the marriage license being issued, the parties may seek an annulment under certain circumstances. These and other factors can allow the court to declare that a legal marriage never took place.

Every situation is different. Even if an annulment was available at some point, certain actions will prevent you from qualifying. If you want to have your marriage annulled, it is vital to speak to a knowledgeable family law attorney as soon as possible.

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