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What Are Temporary Orders In Divorce?

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Many divorce proceedings involve the issuance of temporary orders. These orders are intended to allow families to continue on in relative normalcy while the court considers the case. Temporary orders do not necessarily reflect the final divorce decree, but they do have a strong impact on how you will live your life while the case is pending. It is important to have a knowledgeable Texas divorce lawyer on your side to protect your interests from the beginning.

At Laura Dale & Associates, our team has substantial experience with temporary orders. We work closely with clients to get a clear picture of their goals. We work to establish favorable provisions regarding a range of issues, including custody and visitation, housing, support and other preliminary matters. Our attorneys also know how substance abuse affects the situation.

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Do Temporary Orders Matter?

Put simply, yes. Divorcing couples rarely choose to stay in the same household. Temporary orders dictate who will live in the marital home during the legal proceedings. They determine parenting time for each spouse during the divorce. If the salaries of the two parties are far apart, a temporary order may find that spousal maintenance (alimony) should be paid during the divorce.

Life does not stop when a divorce begins. The mortgage, health insurance, utility bills, taxes and other expenses must be paid, even while the parties decide who will be responsible for these costs long term. All of these important issues should be addressed through temporary orders.

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