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Protect Your Parental Rights By Establishing Paternity

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A paternity action may be filed by either the mother of a child or an alleged father to prove or disprove paternity. Mothers often file paternity actions to establish child support obligations. If you have been wrongly named as a child’s father, you may file a paternity suit to prove that you are not the child’s biological father.

The family law attorneys at Laura Dale & Associates represent parties claiming or contesting paternity. We understand that establishing your child’s legal rights with regard to a biological parent is critical to the child’s well-being. We also know that it is unfair to seek child support from a man who is not the child’s biological father. Our lawyers will work to protect your rights and ensure that justice is done. To make an appointment with a lawyer, please call 713-574-7952 or contact us online.

The Importance Of Taking Legal Action

An unmarried father has the right to file a paternity action and be legally recognized as a child’s father. If he is already paying child support but is not being allowed to see his child, he can file a suit to enforce visitation. In addition, he may seek joint custody or primary custody of his child if he believes that it is in the best interest of his child.

Texas courts may not discriminate against a parent in a paternity suit based on gender. An unmarried father must be legally recognized as the child’s father before he can acquire legal rights and duties with regard to the child. Generally speaking, proof of paternity is established by DNA tests in Texas.

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