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International And Interstate Child Custody/Abduction

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We will fight for the best interests of your child as your passionate advocates. The best way to work toward ensuring your child’s safety and protecting your parental rights with international cases is quick legal action from an experienced team. The attorneys and staff at Texas-based Laura Dale & Associates, have the resources, talent and case experience to plan decisively and effectively help you restore order to your family. We represent clients throughout the United States.

Founder Laura Dale serves as Co-Chair of the USA Chapter Hague Committee, as well as Chair of Hague Subcommittee on the International Protection of Children. She is also a certified mediator, a certified collaborative law attorney and a certified parenting coordinator.

We Are Ready To Act Immediately On Your Behalf

We know from experience that time is of the essence, especially when the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is involved. The Hague Convention is a treaty that provides for expeditious return of a child to their country of habitual residence. Between member countries of the treaty, “habitual residence” means the country the child resided in immediately before their disappearance. We also represent parents and children fleeing a difficult situation. Visit our FAQ on International Family Law.

Contact Laura Dale & Associates as soon as your legal issue presents itself for swift and thoughtful action. Call us to schedule a meeting with a lawyer at 713-574-7952.

Lawyers Laura Dale and John Ransom II are fluent in French and have extensive Hague Convention experience. Even if your country is not party to the Convention, we may be able to help you. Our legal team acts and plans knowing every second counts. We guide you through every step of the process to stack the chances of returning your child home in your favor.


Understanding The Hague Convention

The treaty accomplishes two very significant legal actions for nonabducting parents if petitioned and prosecuted correctly:

  1. Secures the prompt return of children wrongfully removed to or retained in another country
  2. Ensures that rights of custody and of access to children under the laws of one country are respected in another country

Our team is responsive to your needs and proactive in planning for and communicating with you. Our Houston international child custody attorneys have many invaluable connections and working relationships with overseas and out-of-state law firms, as well as with translators and interpreters.

We will help you prepare immediately to file a formal Hague Convention application, giving careful attention to detail and consideration to every nuance of your case. We will help you compile all supporting documentation and records, and we have the ability to make strategic, expedient decisions with you.

Our International Family Law attorneys can be contacted through this website or call us at 713-574-7952 to schedule a timely consultation. We represent clients from around across the United States and worldwide. We are members of a worldwide network of highly experienced lawyers called International Academy of Family Lawyers who are prepared to act in these international family law cases and return children to the countries of habitual residence.

Common Questions And Answers

What Are The UIFSA And UCCJEA?

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, (UCCJEA) are two critical bodies of law that come into play when parents and children live in different states from each other or different states from where a child custody order originates. A family law attorney who will advise you regarding interstate child custody issues should be highly knowledgeable and experienced in key aspects of these laws.

I Have To Take A Job Out Of State. Can I Take My Kids With Me?

Our Houston family law firm has the experience and reputation you seek if you are in need of legal counsel related to child custody issues across state borders. A family law attorney at Laura Dale & Associates, can guide you through the steps necessary to modify or domesticate a child custody order as needed if:

  • An order for possession (custody) originated in another state and one parent plus the child have moved to Texas
  • An order for possession is from another state and the parent who is not the usual conservator (with primary custody) has moved to Texas
  • An order for possession originated in Texas and one or both parents have moved or are planning to move to another state

How Can You Enforce Interstate Child Custody And Registration?

Alternatively, you may have a proper custody order but encounter problems with enforcement. Has your child’s other parent repeatedly kept him or her away from you, out of state (whether you are in Texas or your child and the other parent live in Texas) longer than stipulated in an order? Has the other parent failed to exercise his or her share of parenting time? Whatever the difficulty, you should consult with a child custody lawyer to explore your options.

Your Child’s Best Interests And Your Parental Rights Are Our Top Priorities

Bring your questions such as, “Can my ex-spouse leave the state with my children?” to our attention for a personalized analysis. Schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns involving registration or enforcement of interstate or international custody. Learn which legal remedies can best protect your and your child’s rights. Call our Houston office at 713-574-7952 or send an email for a prompt response.

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