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Laura Dale & Associates, is a full-service family law firm providing representation in domestic family law and international divorce, custody, and child abduction cases. We take a strategic approach to our work, matching clients with the attorney who can best address their concerns.

We focus on providing stellar legal service that emphasizes:

  • Connection — We will make the effort to truly connect with you. We are available 24/7, and we maintain an extensive network of resources and specialists to quickly get you the answers you need. Our team also speaks multiple languages.
  • Knowledge — Our firm includes multiple board-certified attorneys who have in-depth experience in various areas of law. Our lawyers frequently present on legal matters for the benefit of other attorneys.
  • Results — Our Avvo rating of 10.0 “Superb,” the numerous testimonials we have received from past clients and our other accolades all speak to our passion for achieving results.
  • Support — From mediators and collaborative law specialists to respected litigators and highly trained staff, we can offer you the comprehensive support system you need.

Taking A Team Approach To Success

Our Houston divorce and family law lawyers work as a team, sharing our knowledge and experience to find the best solutions efficiently. Every case is handled by a team with a lead attorney, associate attorney and a paralegal, so you can always reach someone on your team who can help you.

The majority of our work is with high-conflict cases, which requires us to focus on the problem and get resources in place quickly. This is especially important in international custody and Hague Convention cases. We must acquire foreign records, translate documents overnight, get interpreters, prepare clients and then build case in a matter of a few weeks.

Providing Communication And Honest Counsel

Throughout the process, we maintain communication with clients to keep them informed. We listen carefully to clients and break down complex problems into manageable information. We strive to help clients achieve their goals, but will be honest with them if their goals are not within their reach.

Relentless Litigators With A Wide Range Of Experience

While we work hard to negotiate resolutions, we will go to trial if necessary. We are aggressive, strategic trial lawyers who exploit weaknesses in the opposition’s case. We are there to win and have earned a reputation as extremely tough litigators.

Our team is composed of 10 lawyers with a range of experiences and accolades. These include board-certification in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, business management experience and clinical experience in issues such as mental illness and substance abuse.

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