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Despite being highly personal, family law matters can quickly become public news if they involve a celebrity, a wealthy family or a crime such as domestic violence or child abduction. In some cases it is important to minimize the family’s exposure in the media, while in others creating public awareness is the optimal strategy. Regardless of intent, it is critical to control the information that is disseminated.

We Can Handle The Press And The Media

At Laura Dale & Associates, in Houston, our lawyers have frequently been hired by clients who need representation in highly visible family law cases. Attorney Laura Dale has a long work history with members of the press.

Our history with high-profile cases in the media makes us a perfect choice for clients needing special expertise and attention in this area. Whether cases involve a high-profile domestic dispute or an international child abduction that has caught the eye of the public, we are prepared to handle your case and the media.

How We Can Help

In cases that involve negative press, we are prepared to swing into action to help mitigate negative exposure. In cases where there is a need to raise public awareness, for example, to locate a missing child who is the victim of parental abduction, or to raise public awareness to help right an injustice or change a law, we are uniquely qualified to help you.

Let us bring the necessary resources into play when the media has either fortunately or unfortunately taken an interest in your case. Contact us today for an initial consultation with our Houston attorneys for high-profile family law.

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