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Judge pushes shared child custody in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2013 | Child Custody

Couples in Houston and Harris know that not all marriages turn out happily ever after. Marital disputes may arise during the marriage and when there is no way to fix the issues, one spouse may file for a divorce. Divorce often offers complexities, depending on the couples’ situation. Child custody and support, alimony and property division are some of the most common issues tackled during the divorce settlement.

Texas couples who are in the middle of a divorce settlement may learn from the divorce case of a Hall of Famer cornerback, Deion Sanders. In McKinney, Texas, the famous cornerback and his wife are currently in the middle of a divorce. The estranged couple reportedly was ordered by the judge to share custody of their children. A McKinney judge also gave rights to the husband to decide on the children’s education and primary residence. There are three children involved in this custody dispute.

The husband was ordered to pay $108,000 in legal fees for the attorney who represented the children. Both the husband and wife were seeking full custody of the children.

The court’s decision regarding child custody clearly shows that the judge believed shared custody was in the best interests of the children. Shared parenting enables the children to have a mother and a father guiding them throughout their growth and developing years. If one of the spouses is granted full custody of the children, the other spouse may not be able to perform his or her parental responsibilities.

Divorce can be difficult and agreeing on child custody matters is no exception. In many situations, the experienced of qualified family law attorneys can help both parties to come up with an amicable settlement and focus on the best needs of the children.

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