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Abandoned Texas baby is a step closer to adoption

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2013 | Adoption

A biological parent’s right is always considered when it comes to adopting a child here in Houston, Texas. The state’s family law addresses the importance of keeping families intact and in some cases, people need to wait before adopting a child to make sure that the biological parents’ rights have been terminated.

The adoption waiting game was in full force in the case of a baby who was abandoned in Harris County. In February, a woman found the newborn, “Baby Chloe,” outside an apartment building in a plastic bag. The baby stayed in a Houston hospital for a few days after she was found. Fortunately, she is healthy and normal. Chloe was released to a foster family who would like to adopt her.

Child Protective Services waited for a person to claim the child or inform them about the biological parents’ whereabouts, but no one did. Authorities failed to locate the parents or any family of the baby so, after three months, the parental rights of Baby Chloe’s biological parents have been terminated. Under the law, the parents have 30 days to contest the nullification of their rights. A CPS spokesperson said that the timeframe will give an opportunity for the father or a relative to come forward. Although the father may not claim the child, a relative may be able to do so and support the baby on his behalf.

Those interested in adopting a child may seek help from advisors with knowledge in the field of family law. An adoptive parent should not only be prepared to face the challenges of raising a child, but also its potential legal challenges. Qualified legal professionals in Texas may be able to help ensure the smooth processing of adoption requests.

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