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Texas mom faces charges for putting son up for adoption online

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2013 | Adoption

The Internet is a convenient place for many transactions in Houston. A recent twist in family law concerns happened near Houston. A 29-year old single mother from Huffman allegedly put her 3-year-old son up for adoption through Craigslist.

The mother posted the advertisement online and stated that she was troubled and was unsure if she could take care of the child. Additionally, she stated that she was a single parent looking for someone to take care of the baby. Police traced the source of the advertisement after a subpoena was sent to the online advertisement placement company.

The police interviewed the mother but she denied that she intentionally did place the adoption advertisement. The report states that her actions were a result of not being able to take her depression and anxiety medications. During the conversation, the interviewers learned that she responded to several offers but she stated that anxiety was her motivating reason for what she did. The mother is facing a misdemeanor charge for advertising placement of a child. She is currently free from jail on $1,000 bond.

Texas family laws are made to unite the family and to ensure that each family member is protected from harm. A biological parent may put a child up for adoption, though, for the benefit of the child. Although putting a child up for adoption is a painful thing to do, parents do so with a noble intent of ensuring that their children will be assured of a better life.

There are laws that govern adoption in Texas to protect the child who is up for adoption, the biological parent and the adopting parent. In order to avoid legal trouble, a biological parent can ask for support from the state’s department of human or social services or a licensed child placement agency. The adoptive parents may consider speaking with an attorney to ensure avoiding adoption issues like the one in this case.

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