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Josh Hamilton filed for divorce from his wife

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Divorce

Josh Hamilton, the former outfielder for the Texas Rangers, has filed for a divorce from his wife. The couple was married in 2004 and have four children together. Hamilton was the subject of reports that he was abusing substances during the offseason. He had two relapses of drinking while he played for the Rangers.

According to the documents filed in the Tarrant County court, the couple was divorcing because of conflicts. Interestingly, the court documents forbid Hamilton from going to the properties the couple owns in Valley Mills and Westlake. He is also forbidden from going to the home in Newport Coast, California, and from seeing their children. The couple’s California home has been placed up for sale.

On top of his substance abuse issues, Hamilton also had to have shoulder surgery. He is under contract with the Los Angeles Angels, but he is also having problems there.

The issues surrounding this case prove very interesting. The property division aspect will involve having to deal with several different homes. Since they have children who are still young, from 3 to 14, they will have to go through the child custody process as part of their divorce.

Anyone who is in a similar situation should learn how Texas laws view the various aspects of divorce. This can help you to determine how you want to handle negotiations and other facets of your divorce. Dividing real estate, retirement plans and other accounts can be complex, so getting answers to your questions is vital when you embark upon the process of getting a divorce.

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