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Property division and hidden assets

During a time when it seems like all other aspects of your life are changing, it’s normal to want to hold on to your assets like a house or car and cling to that which is familiar. However, part of a divorce is splitting up the marital assets, and it’s important to be prepared for this process.

In some divorces, one or both spouses attempts to hide assets to avoid them being part of a property division settlement, or one party was never aware of the assets even during the marriage. Some people are shocked to find out through the divorce process that their ex had offshore bank accounts or other hidden business assets.

Whether you already have suspicions that your ex may be hiding assets or you don’t really know what your family financial situations is, we can help. At Laura Dale & Associates, we know that this is a stressful and emotionally draining time, and we work hard to uncover any hidden assets so you can be sure the Texas courts are getting the full and accurate list of your family’s assets.

It’s also common for divorcing spouses to disagree on what constitutes an equitable division of the assets. We can help you understand the property division laws in Texas and talk to you about the different possible outcomes. It’s important to remember that no case is guaranteed and that the ultimate authority lies with the courts, but being well informed and well prepared can go a long way toward taking the anxiety and mystery out of the divorce process.