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3 good reasons to get a prenup before saying ‘I do’

Many soon-to-be spouses are still wary of speaking to their beloveds about getting a prenuptial agreement signed before the wedding. Perhaps one party worries that the other one will call off the engagement or that his or her family will be upset. Maybe one party doesn’t want his or her spouse-to-be to learn of some rather rotten financial mistakes in the past. However, it’s best to address all of these issues now rather than later.

The main reason to enter into a prenuptial agreement is so you know what property you would receive if a divorce should occur, as well as you would pay in alimony, if applicable. It helps make a divorce less acrimonious and hopefully less expensive, too.

Another reason to entertain the idea of a prenup is because it can help both of you understand the state of your current finances. Since money issues can be a leading cause of stress during a marriage, you could avoid future financial arguments if all of your financial information is disclosed up front. This means talking openly about income, savings, assets and debts.

Finally, talking about money issues helps you learn to communicate and compromise. When you both do so openly, it can help lay a solid foundation for your marriage.

If you and your soon-to-be spouse are ready to create a prenuptial agreement, it’s best if both of you have your own attorney. This will help ensure that each person’s well-being is considered in the agreement. At the law office of Laura Dale & Associates, we can help you create a prenup that is fair and will stand up to the scrutiny of the court when needed.