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Appeals court: Husband’s actions callous, but prenup stands

An appeals court in another state recently ruled that a multi-millionaire’s wife will not receive any alimony, nor will she be allowed to live in her lavish home once the couple’s children are grown.

A prenuptial agreement from 2007 formed the basis for the ruling. The woman alleged that her spouse forced her to sign the agreement while she was mentally unstable and pregnant. The parameters of the agreement say that the hedge fund manager would provide his wife and two girls with an apartment. He must also leave a trust fund for the girls. However, the $8.7 million home must be vacated when the girls are of age.

The wife, 37 will not be left empty-handed, though. She’s still getting a $1.6 million investment fund. The marital assets will not be split, however. Her husband was listed as having a net worth of $188 million in 2013. The woman tried to claim that she was cheated because he didn’t disclose how much he really made.

The judges said the woman signed the prenuptial agreement even though her own lawyer told her not to. They said they wouldn’t set it aside simply because her husband’s behavior “might be viewed by some as callous.”

A prenuptial agreement can protect your assets in case of divorce, but remember, it is an enforceable legal document in most instances. You should have it reviewed by your own lawyer in Texas before signing it. If your attorney says not to sign it without some changes, it’s advice well worth heeding. He or she can help you seek the necessary changes.

Source: New York Daily News, “Hedge fund manager wins right to deny wife of alimony, kick her out of lavish NYC home,” Barbara Ross, Jan. 28, 2016