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Some assets being divided in a divorce require special attention

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Property Division

Divorces are stressful in any case, but when you have considerable assets to divide, the difficulty increases tremendously. We know that trying to figure out who should be awarded what assets is difficult. We can help you to determine a suitable property division settlement that takes a variety of factors into consideration.

One important point for you to remember is that not all assets should be treated in the same manner. Investment accounts are one type of asset that must be carefully considered and scrutinized. There are some instances in which getting these assets in a divorce might result in you having a tax liability that you didn’t think would occur. With that in mind, you should investigate how investment accounts, such as bonds and securities, would be handled from a tax standpoint after the divorce.

Another important point that we want you to consider is that you aren’t only dividing assets, you are also dividing liability and losses. If you and your spouse have a business, you must consider the net operating loss when you are dividing your assets. While determining how to handle a net operating loss is difficult, it gets even more complex if you start to consider capital loss carryforwards.

We know that you might need to seek guidance for determining how these factors, as well as others, might affect your property division agreement. We can help you to understand each point that affects your case so that you have the information you need to decide what you should fight for and what you should be willing to let go of.