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Why it might not be a good idea to move out during the divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Child Custody

One issue that often arises when Houston area couples are getting ready to divorce involves their living arrangements. Many people find it challenging to be around their partners, let alone live with them. If you are not sure if you and your spouse can and should continue living together before the courts finalize your divorce, you might want to hold off on moving out right away. 

The things you do and decisions you make during your divorce can impact your settlement. Consider this before you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse change your living arrangements. 

Money matters 

Financially maintaining two residences is not easy, especially if you are the sole or high-earning breadwinner in the marriage. You may think that once you move out of the marital home, you no longer have any financial responsibilities for it. According to, “you still have a financial obligation to your spouse, kids and the household.” You could end up with considerably less income to support yourself and cover your divorce expenses. 

Custody and visitation leverage 

Remaining in the marital home enables you to minimize the changes that your children are experiencing from the divorce and allows you to see and spend time with them more often. If you move out and the children continue living in the marital home with their other parent, you risk not having as much access to them. This can affect child custody and parenting time arrangements.

If your presence does not pose a danger to anyone, you might want to continue living in the marital home until the judge finalizes your divorce.