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Understanding the gray divorce trend

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | High Asset Divorce

Many people in Texas and across the United States believe that once they have been married for 20 years or more, they have survived the hardest challenges of marriage and are safe from the threat of divorce. The truth is, however, that the number of people who are filing for divorce over the age of 50 has gradually increased over the past few decades. The trend known as gray divorce is becoming more common as couples who have been married for over 30 years are deciding to terminate their marriage.

According to Bowling Green State University, 1 in 10 people filed for divorce in 1990 and that number has grown to 1 in 4 in 2011. The statistics are expected to rise even more over the coming years. Why are people terminating their marriage in their older age? One reason is empty nest syndrome. Couples who focused their lives and their relationship on their children may feel like they have lost touch with one another once the children have left the home. The same is true for those who concentrate fully on their careers and then retire. Couples may find that they no longer have anything in common. Rather than live out the remaining years of their lives in a distant marriage, people may choose to separate and look for a more suitable partner.

There are implications of divorce at this age, including diminished social support and financial problems. It is crucial to understand how changing times may lead people to feel more comfortable filing for divorce and moving on with their lives.