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Studies support shared parenting

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Child Custody

According to KXAN News, in 2017, Texas lawmakers considered Bill HB453, one that “would have allowed the court to grant equal parenting unless it was against the best interest of the child.” The bill did not survive the legislative process, which understandably disappointed its proponents. 

Strong advocates of shared parenting, KXAN reports, remind the public, “too often, parents are unable to get equal visitation time with their kids during a separation or divorce.” While they recognize they will not always be the only role models in their children’s lives, they still want to have the chance to be actively involved.

An article in Business Insider suggests their request is worth paying attention to. With at least 50 studies as evidence, the authors argue strongly for shared parenting, saying that children who get to spend time with both parents are more successful in nearly every area of life.

The time with each parent nourishes the parental bonds and strengthens them. The children, then, function better psychologically, have stronger social skills and perform better in school. The studies showed other behaviors to improve as well because kids in shared parenting situations were “less likely to smoke, get drunk, and use drugs.” They also had fewer struggles with stress and anxiety. 

Business Insider’s authors conclude that father time is just as important as mother time, even for young children. They admit there are some instances where shared parenting is not in the best interests of the children but believe that most often it is. To give children the strongest foundations possible, they suggest giving divorced moms and dads equal time with their kids.