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New bill requires dental coverage for children

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Child Custody

People who co-parent with one another to take care of their children as directed in a divorce decree usually find themselves paying child support and following a parenting plan. Often times, the parent responsible for paying child support has other added financial responsibilities, including paying half of child care expenses, educational fees and medical expenses. In 2015, the Texas legislature passed a bill involving these medical financial expenses. However, it is only now that these regulations are taking effect.

The bill requires parents who pay child support to provide dental insurance for their child in addition to traditional medical coverage. This will affect new cases that are brought to the court from this point on. Although people who have already have child support plans in place may still be eligible for the change, a case may not be brought to the court for modification for this reason alone. In order to have a case reviewed for modification, there must be a significant change in either parties’ incomes. Either party can ask for a modification, and the child support amount will be recalculated based on the new information.

Many decisions made in the divorce settlement are designed to minimize the amount of change children experience when their parents file for divorce. It is still the responsibility of both parents to provide the best care for their children. An attorney in Texas may be able to assist with the process of divorce, child support and child custody matters.

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