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How Texas determines the “best interests of the child”

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Child Custody

When you find yourself involved in a Texas child custody case, you will likely hear the term, “best interests of the child” thrown around quite a bit. Ultimately, “the best interests of the child” is what a judge will consider before making any determinations about who should have custodial rights, but there are many different areas that come into play when assessing a child’s best interests. At Laura Dale & Associates, we are well-versed in the many factors a judge will typically consider when making custody-related decisions, and we have helped many people embroiled in child custody cases pursue solutions that meet their needs.

According to the State Bar of Texas, the factors a judge will use to determine the best interests of the child will vary to some degree based on the age of the child in question. For example, a judge ruling on a custody case involving a high school student may consider things such as one’s ability to support a child’s academic or sports-related endeavors. A judge ruling on an infant’s case, meanwhile, may have more concerns about making sure a prospective custodial figure has the ability to accommodate the infant’s basic needs.

There are, however, certain elements that most judges will typically review and consider in a custody case. If the child is old enough to voice his or her own opinion, for example, a judge will likely weigh the child’s own desires when issuing custody decisions.

A judge will also typically consider the child’s physical and emotional needs now and moving forward, and he or she will also likely take into account whether the person pursuing custody has the ability to provide for the child financially. The judge will generally also consider whether the person seeking custody has a safe and appropriate home for the child to share. You can find out more about Texas child support and child custody issues by visiting our webpage.