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How can I avoid common child custody mistakes?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2019 | Child Custody

If you’re currently going through a divorce in Houston, chances are you have a strong opinion about custody and visitation. While all courts look to uphold the best interests of the child when making these decisions, parents must take the proper steps to avoid common mistakes and strengthen their cases. Live About offers the following insight, which will help you when devising a legal approach with your attorney.

Bad-mouthing your ex in court

No matter what went on during your marriage to make is dissolve, refrain from bad-mouthing your ex in court. Barring instances of abuse and neglect, most custody judges believe it’s best for kids to have strong and loving relationships with both parents. When you belittle your ex and his or her actions, it could be perceived that you intend to subvert your child’s relationship with the other parent. This will influence the opinion of the court by casting you in a bad light.

Giving away too much information

You also want to keep your legal strategy between you and your lawyers. Even if you don’t speak with your ex directly, consider how easy it would be for information provided to another party to be passed along to your former spouse. Refrain from talking too much about the case, as you could be doing a real disservice to your legal team.

Letting emotions get the best of you

It’s natural to have conflicting emotions during a divorce. However, letting your emotions take control when making decisions can have a disastrous effect on your child custody case. Listen to your attorneys, who will offer a professional and objective view on the best way to proceed. Also, refrain from making decisions just to spite your ex, no matter how angry you are at the person. It’s likely that the court will be fully aware of any underlying bitterness, which could impact the final custody decision.