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Drug addiction and divorce issues

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2019 | Child Custody

A marriage may come to an end because of abuse, infidelity, incompatibility or constant fighting over major issues (such as relocation, a child’s college education, etc.). However, some marriages fall apart as a result of drug addiction, which can be extremely disruptive. Many people struggle with an addiction to drugs, whether they started taking prescription medication and developed a crippling addiction to opiates or they are addicted to some other substance after repeated use. When it comes to drug addiction and divorce, there are a number of topics to consider.

If are struggling with a drug addiction, it is important to focus on making your divorce easier and simultaneously exploring treatment options that may be available to you. Some people may become addicted to drugs due to depression after their divorce, which is another reason why you should focus on managing your divorce in a positive manner even if you do not have a drug habit.

If your ex has a drug problem, it may be more difficult to work with them through the divorce process. Moreover, this may be an important factor when it comes to deciding how custody will be awarded. If you have a drug addiction, you should do your best to quit and move forward in life, especially if you are pursuing custody rights.

These are just some of the issues to think about when it comes to drug addiction and divorce. Please visit our custody page to read more about some of the related legal issues that arise as a result of divorce.