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Why a Facebook divorce is a really bad idea

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2019 | High Asset Divorce

At the law offices of Laura Dale & Associates PC, we work with clients every day who wish to obtain a Texas divorce. Along with the advice we give them regarding their custody arrangements, property settlement agreements and possible spousal support requests, we also strongly advise them not to post any personal information on Facebook and the other social media while going through the divorce process.

As FindLaw explains, a divorce situation represents the precise time during which you should steadfastly refrain from putting information online that could come back to haunt you at your divorce hearing. While you may think that such an event is highly unlikely, you need to know that many divorce attorneys make it a practice to go through the Facebook and the other social media postings of their clients’ spouses in order to discover negative information about them that they can subsequently use against them in court.

Facebook dangers

Even though you may think that your privacy settings prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your postings, unfortunately such is not the case. A determined “hacker” can find this information fairly easily and without having to engage in outright hacking. Therefore, never post any of the following during your divorce:

  • Photos and/or information about anyone you have begun dating
  • Photos and/or information about purchases you make, especially larger ones
  • Photos and/or information about homes or apartments you are considering as your post-divorce residence
  • Photos and/or information about the people with whom you socialize and where you go to do it
  • Photos that show you in an explicit or suggestive sexual pose

Social media addiction

If you are like most people, you probably have become addicted to Facebook and the other social media that allow you to stay in contact with your family and friends and vice versa. However, you should force yourself to stay off all social media as much as possible during your divorce. This strategy can prevent you from encountering a nasty surprise at your divorce hearing.

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