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Steps that divorced parents can take to improve communication

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Child Custody

Texas residents who have dealt with child custody realize that it is not easy to keep a peaceful relationship with an ex-spouse after a divorce. However, many accept the fact that they have to try to maintain a semblance of peace so that their interaction with their ex-spouse does not negatively impact the mental and emotional health of their children.

While keeping peaceful communication with an ex can be difficult, especially in the days and months following the divorce, it is possible. Part of it has to do with the ex-spouses being able to meet on neutral territory.

This may mean finding a place that is not burdened with bad memories from the past. Meeting in the old family home, for example, may not be the best idea. It may mean meeting at a park or other location that is pleasant for both parties to be. This will help to create a mood that is conducive to conversation as both parties will feel relaxed.

Another key to having smooth conversations with an ex-spouse is to try to resolve issues that were at the heart of the divorce. For many people, money is the problem. Resolving any money issues can go a long way in lowering the strain and making a pleasant conversation easier.

Part of this includes laying the groundwork for any alimony or child support payments during the divorce. When the court dictates the exact amount of child support payments, for example, a parent has to make, it becomes less of a matter of contention after the divorce is finalized.

Going through a divorce, especially when there are children involved, can be challenging. A family law attorney might help their client understand the legal issues involved in a divorce. This may include explaining things like complex child custody disputes, alimony payments and child support payments. This might also include representing their client in court when the need arises.