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What to know about temporary child custody

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Child Custody

Some Texas parents may experience a situation in which they can’t look after their children. For instance, they might be going through a separation or find themselves unable to provide for their sons or daughters financially. Parents who are in the hospital or are otherwise too ill to care for their kids often ask friends or family members to watch them temporarily.

It is important to note that a parent who receives temporary custody as part of a separation or divorce agreement is likely to receive permanent custody in the future. Regardless of why a parent is giving up custody or a son or daughter, it is important to ensure that a custodian is capable of providing a safe and stable environment for the minor. In theory, a grandparent, family friend or neighbor could act as a temporary custodian.

Any temporary custody agreement should include how long custody will be transferred and what rights the current parent will have until it expires. Generally speaking, parents have the right to visit their children or contact them since this is considered in everyone’s best interests. However, visitation rights could be limited in the event that a parent lost custody because he or she abused the child.

Generally speaking, parents are allowed to have a relationship with their kids even if they have lost custody rights to them. Furthermore, some parents could eventually show that they have the ability to care for a child’s physical and emotional needs after a divorce or separation. An attorney may help a parent regain custody of a child.