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Winning custody means fighting for your child’s best interests

The last thing you wanted was for the bitterness that defined your breakup to affect your children. Nevertheless, here you are facing a brutal custody battle. Whether your ex is fighting for full custody or you are trying to protect your children from a bad situation, you probably know how much the outcome will affect your life and the lives of your kids.

Understanding the factors Texas family courts consider when making custody rulings and how they weigh those factors is critical to your case. The most important thing to keep in mind is the best interests of the children. This is the goal of the court, and the judge will likely be looking for signs that it is your goal, too.

Proving you are a good parent

It may seem obvious, but one thing the court will want to know is whether you are a good parent. To make this determination, the court will want to see evidence that you are active and involved in your children’s lives, that you provide for their physical needs to the best of your ability, and that you care for their emotional health and educational success. Some actions that demonstrate this may include:

  • Providing a consistent and predictable routine for your kids
  • Attending extracurricular activities and promoting the interests of your children outside of school
  • Ensuring that your home environment is safe and allows the children to thrive
  • Showing your concern for the best adjustment of your children by being willing to cooperate with the other parent and share access to the children

This final point may present the most favorable characteristic the courts seek. If you are willing to overlook your own emotions because you know the children deserve a bond with both loving parents, you may have a good understanding of what it means to seek the best interests of the children.

Relocation and seeking assistance

You may be hoping to relocate in the future. In some cases, the court may look unfavorably on a parent who plans to move the children away from the other parent and from other familiar things, such as school and friends. Stability is important for a well-adjusted child. Therefore, it will be important that you can demonstrate that the move will benefit the children, not just yourself.