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Helping children adjust to a new relationship after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Child Custody

In a Texas divorce, it’s easy for the spouses to get caught up in their own issues. Children can often recede into the background of a case even as custody and support are in dispute. However, the child’s needs should always be at the forefront.

Since divorce can have a negative impact on children, understanding how to help them get through the process can be key. Kids might wonder if they need to choose which parent they prefer. Parents should remember that this frequently hinges on what the child wants rather than any emotional preference. This does not mean the child no longer loves the other parent.

Holidays and special events can be a point of contention. Instead of splitting the time and forcing the child to go through separate events, alternating them can be a viable solution. It’s important to note that divorced parents can still have enjoyable times together with the child even if they are not on the best of terms.

Children often feel responsible for the marriage ending. It is useful to explain that the child did not cause the breakup. In some instances, it’s wise to keep the child shielded until the case is resolved. If the child has a disagreement with one parent, the other parent should listen in an evenhanded way without letting lingering marital issues factor in.

Finally, the parents should have a similar set of rules that the child must abide by to avoid major differences between what is and is not allowed. Regardless of the circumstances, the best interests of the child are critical. For assistance with complex child custody disputes and other aspects of family law, it may be useful to obtain legal representation.