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Study: Job promotions increase a woman’s chance of divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Divorce

A University of Stockholm researcher published a study last year highlighting how women’s career advancement may make them more vulnerable to divorce.

The study’s author highlighted various data points to substantiate claims of a correlation between a female partner’s job promotion and the increased likelihood that she’ll divorce.

What was the source of the study author’s data?

The University of Stockholm researcher interviewed both females and males employed by private sector employers with 100 or more employees. The study’s author also combed through three decades’ worth of public sector job records.

The connection between female employees’ job promotions and divorce

Two interesting insights emerged from the researcher’s analysis of the data, including:

  • Female chief executive officers (CEOs) are twice as likely as their male counterparts to divorce within the three years following their promotions.
  • Women employed as physicians, in law enforcement, as clergy or politicians are twice as likely to divorce following a promotion than their male counterparts.

These morsels of information weren’t the only insights that emerged from the researchers’ analysis of the data.

What the study’s author learned about the role of men in the family dynamic

The study’s author arrived at some conclusions about why there may be an uptick in divorce rates following a female spouse’s job promotion. She noted that it might happen because:

  • The husband may resent having to take a more active parenting role.
  • A male spouse may struggle with taking on a support role to their wife or fear being replaced as their household’s breadwinner.

Another critical insight that the study’s author shared is that couples are most apt to remain married following a wife’s promotion when the spouses are both the same age. They also discovered that there’s less of a divorce risk if the husband is also interested in climbing the corporate ladder.

What to do before you discuss divorce with your spouse

Bringing up divorce is not something you’ll want to do on the spur of the moment with your Texas spouse. You may want to first speak with an attorney in Houston about your plans instead. They’ll be able to go over the steps you may want to take now while things are calm to ensure that you protect your interests at all times.