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Does your custody order address international travel?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Child Custody

Marriage to someone from another country can come with unique complications. Those complications only increase when the couple divorces. If your spouse is an immigrant who did not become a United States citizen or if they have dual citizenship, they may want to leave the United States after your divorce.

In some cases, they may try to take your children with them when they leave. The United States does not have rules requiring the consent of both parents for a child to board an international flight or otherwise leave the country. Addressing international travel in your custody order may be the only way to formally prevent an international abduction of your child.

The courts can limit when or where your ex travels with your children

Divorce can prompt people to act in unusual or even cruel ways. People sometimes use their children as weapons to punish their spouse, and that risk is even higher when your ex has direct ties to another country. Once your child leaves the United States with your ex, you could find yourself facing an uphill battle to get access to them again.

Asking that the family courts place restrictions on international travel is one of the only ways to protect your child from an international abduction by their other parent. The courts may restrict when your ex can travel with the children, require your approval for travel abroad or even demand that you are the one who holds the child’s passport to prevent your ex from suddenly packing up and leaving the country with your kid.

Recognizing the unique concerns involved with international child custody situations can help you protect yourself and your children during a divorce.