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Build your child’s support system during your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Divorce

Learning that their parents are divorcing is a traumatic experience for children. Trying to navigate through the new way of life can be a challenge for the kids. Some children may talk about their feelings related to the divorce to their parents, but it’s often necessary for them to have a bigger support system.

It might be helpful for the children to have other trusted adults that they can turn to when they need to talk. These individuals can also help the parents to ensure that there aren’t any emerging issues that need to be addressed.

Who should be in a child’s support system?

Your child has to be able to trust the adults who are around them. Even if your child never talks to them about the divorce, these adults can still help to support the child. It might be helpful for you to let these adults know the situation so they can be prepared if the child comes to them.

Your child may feel comfortable talking to teachers, coaches, religious leaders, or their best friend’s parents. Having multiple options of who they want to speak to when they need someone may encourage them to be more open about what’s going on.

You and your ex should pay close attention to how the children are faring. One thing that can help them to thrive is having a parenting plan in place as fast as possible when you split up. This sets the terms for the parenting arrangement and includes the schedule they will follow. Knowing what to expect can help them to feel more secure.