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Should co-parents spend holidays together?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Child Custody

The winter holiday season is here. While many people are focused on all the festivities and finding the perfect gifts for each person on their list, co-parents have to think about how they’re going to make things work with the children.

For some co-parents, the answer to the holiday conundrum is to spend the holiday together with the children. Typically, this will only work if the co-parents can get along easily.

Focus on the festivities

You and your co-parent should only opt to spend the holidays together with your children if you can keep the focus on the festivities at hand. This isn’t a time to try to discuss contentious matters or think about the past. Instead, you both have to be able to do what’s best for the children and help them to make positive memories of the festivities. Splitting the holidays might be the best answer if you and your co-parent can’t guarantee that you’ll avoid conflict.

Consider coordinating gifts

Whether you and your co-parent are able to spend the holiday together with your children or not, you may want to consider coordinating gifts. This helps to avoid the children getting duplicates of anything and may help them to get more items from their wish lists.

It’s a good idea to have all the terms of holiday parenting time written out in the parenting plan. This is particularly helpful if the children will be going with either parent to visit extended family. Working with someone who’s familiar with co-parenting through the holidays may be beneficial so you can get the terms spelled out in the most concise manner possible.