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Don’t ignore doubts before getting married

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2012 | Divorce

First impressions are often correct. Individuals that have doubts concerning a marriage before the wedding ceremony takes place are also more likely to see their marriage end in divorce.

The perception that premarital doubts are normal and something not to be concerned about may turn out to be incorrect. A study has shown that those with doubts were two-and-a-half times more likely to be divorced within less than five years.

It appears that the doubts of the wife in the marriage are more determinative of the marriage outcome than the same doubts by the husband. Many more women that had doubts before the marriage ultimately divorced than did husbands.

Without being a psychologist, it’s impossible to make a determination as to why such doubts should exist or make a difference. What such a study does show, however, is that individuals often ignore their better judgment and commit to marriages without resolving their doubts.

It’s because people make mistakes that divorces take place. The trend in recent years in states such as Texas to adopt a no-fault divorce system is to make it easier for individuals to correct such mistakes. Though there is criticism that it is too easy for a person considering a divorce to obtain an attorney and then be granted a divorce, the alternative is to force individuals to remain in divorces while being desperately unhappy.

Hopefully, such a study as the one mentioned above will influence couples to think twice before getting married when doubts of the success of such a marriage exist. It’s best to put a marriage on hold than rush through a marital ceremony only later to experience regret.

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