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Divorce during retirement years

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2012 | Divorce

Texas residents can expect to see an increase in elderly divorces over the coming years. There has been as much as a 50 percent rise in the divorce rate for elderly individuals during the past two decades.

While the divorce rate for other age categories has remained stable, more and more elderly people seem determined to file for divorce. And few of these people change their minds once the paperwork is filed.

Faced with retirement, a great concern for elderly individuals is their financial situation. Some elderly people are concerned that the spouse will hold them back financially if they remain married. Others are worried that a divorce will diminish their life savings. Either way, these are circumstances that elderly individuals may wish to discuss with an experienced family law attorney that understands the financial implications of a divorce.

Of course, there are other concerns as well. The elderly often are facing physical and mental health issues, and some of these issues neither spouse knows how to handle. Medical expenses and long term care can be financially draining, and watching the other spouse suffer can also take an emotional toll.

No two divorces are the same. What young people deal with while going through a divorce may be completely different from what elderly individuals face. Yet the handling of every divorce needs to be conducted with compassion and understanding.

Family law attorneys will do what they can to accommodate every client’s needs. Particularly when it comes to finances, lawyers will help both of the spouses budget and plan to make certain every financial need is met.

Often, divorce is not a matter of someone being at fault. Elderly people often deal with a great many issues that may interfere with their fulfillment. And sometimes actions can be taken to allow for that fulfillment to occur.

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