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Mother gives child up for adoption without husband’s permission

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2012 | Child Custody

Sadly, spouses do not always work together when it comes to parenthood. A father from Texas was forced to leave the state for another job while his wife was pregnant. However, while the father was out-of-state, the woman then gave the child up for adoption without his permission.

The parents that adopted the child have since been informed that the father was unaware that the child had been put up for adoption. The father already had five other children together with his wife.

The father and the family that adopted the young girl are now engaged in a legal dispute to determine who should get custody of the child. The family disputes that returning the child to the father would be in the best interest of the girl.

The family states that the father has shown no interest in the child other than in his actions in hiring an attorney. However, this may be disputable in that it’s uncertain as to how much contact the father has been allowed by the family that adopted the child.

There have been orders for the child to be returned to the father within 60 days, but the family is now asserting that the father terminated his parental rights by supposedly abandoning the mother and the child. On the other hand, the judge that ordered the child returned in 60 days states that a fit and competent parent has the fundamental right to contest adoption.

Like so many other child custody matters, it’s possible that this matter will be resolved based upon the specific facts of this case.

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