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Despite national decline, divorce still an option in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2013 | Divorce

Despite the common perception that the rate of divorce is as high as ever, readers here in Texas may be interested to discover that the overall rate is actually slowly declining. A recent report indicates that the number of divorce cases across the country is decreasing. In 1980, the divorce rate was almost 50 percent. Today, it sits at just over 40 percent. Of course, statistics only tell part of the story and, for the most part, can’t adequately describe a particular family’s situation. For many Texas couples, the hard decision on whether to part ways simply cannot be attributed to numbers applied at large.

For those considering divorce, there can be a number of stressors that may guide the decision. While it may be down to the individuals in the relationship, children, for example, can strain a marriage due to the additional costs and parents’ lack of sleep.

In addition, new technology such as cellphones and laptops can add distractions to a marriage. Regardless of the details, however, many couples will ultimately make the decision to divorce as a first step toward a new life.

No matter what the reasons are for divorce, divorcing spouses will need to resolve the legal issues associated with property division, spousal support and if children are involved, child custody and support. For couples with a high net worth, property division may be particularly complex, as the parties may be tasked with valuing such assets as stocks, oil and mineral rights, trusts and more. Although these tasks can seem daunting, working with an experienced legal professional can help manage the process and keep the parties working toward a resolution that will allow ex-spouses to begin their new lives.

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