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How are child custody and child support enforcement different?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2013 | Child Custody

There are several concerns that divorcing couples have to address after getting divorced. It is likely that separating spouses are eager to settle the distribution of properties and spousal support. However, most people from Houston, Texas, would agree that although divorced parents are no longer joined by marriage, they share a common link: their children.

Child support and child custody are the top priorities for most divorced parents. The process of determining child custody can be frustrating because emotions are involved. When parents argue over these issues, it can have a negative effect on the child, who is at the center of the issue. Most of the time, both parents really want to share their time with their children after the divorce.

The enforcement of child support and child custody are different. Financial responsibility can be perceived as more important than the emotional connection between the child and the parent. It is often the case that when a parent fails to pay child support, the custodial parent expresses resentment toward the supporting parent. Failing to pay can cause several negative consequences for the parent owing support, including imprisonment. The approach to child custody is different. Contesting a child custody dispute is a civil matter that requires legal assistance. Legal representation for both spouses may help to settle any custody issues that may arise.

In Texas, divorced parent’s ability to spend time with their children may be limited and is generally shared with the other parent. Mediation can be established in order to come to an amicable settlement. Of course, the court has the last say in this matter. The best interests of the child are always the first consideration a family court reviews to determine who will receive custodianship. Texas residents facing child support or custody issues should not hesistate to contact a legal professional who has sound knowledge of Texas family law.

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