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Research suggests facebook use may lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Divorce

Nowadays, if a Houston resident wants to know what’s going on with their friends, all that is needed is a laptop or smartphone where one can connect with them via facebook or some other social media website. This is fun and efficient, but recent studies correlate excessive facebook use with an increasing number of divorce and breakups.

Facebook, the social networking giant, has been implicated in earlier research relating to marriage and divorce. This latest survey is one of many now confirming a relationship between its excessive use and relationship problems. A team of postgraduate students released the results of their study suggesting that facebook may have detrimental effects on users’ romantic relationship or marriage. According to the researchers, the excessive use of the widely popular social networking site may encourage users to cheat on their partners and lead to conflicts, breakups and divorce.

The team found that those in relatively new relationships (three years or less)are more prone to problems. These couples, who are still learning about each other, are more prone to romantic issues and have yet to mature in their relationships. In the case of newly married couples, the role of social media may lead to divorce.

Researchers acknowledge that social media and networking sites are a great way to reconnect with friends. They also remind everyone that the excessive use of these sites may have detrimental and adverse effects on a person’s romantic relationship.

Social media users should moderate their use, so as not to not hurt their partners or themselves. If a couple does decide to proceed with a divorce, spouses can use evidence from social media sites in the divorce proceedings. This can be especially costly for those couples facing child custody issues in conjunction with their divorce. For those Houston residents contemplating divorce or struggling with family law issues, a divorce professional can assist the individual and help determine what the best path to take would be.

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