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Love may not keep The Captain and Tennille together

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Alimony

The 70’s pop duo “The Captain and Tennille” made love songs that talked about love lasting forever despite a person’s faults. Unlike many pop stars, Cathryn Tennille and Daryl Dragon (aka “The Captain”) practiced what they preached, as they married in 1975, the same year that their hit song “Love Will Keep Us Together” won a Grammy for record of the year.

However, it appears that love and music are not mutually exclusive. Tennille recently filed for divorce to end their 38 year marriage. 

According to ABC News, the petition was filed in Arizona, where it cited that the marriage was irretrievably broken. The couple has no children, and curiously enough, the petition indicates that neither party is entitled to spousal support.

The couple had lived in Prescott for a number of years, and Tennille had been active by singing at local events and contributing her unique voice to promotional tourism videos. Meanwhile, health problems dogged Dragon, leaving him unable to play keyboards and making him embarrassed to go out in public.

Despite the stated reasons for the split, rumors abound about the real reasons behind the divorce petition. Essentially, the couple is rumored to be living in the same home, and some believe that the divorce is necessary to make Dragon eligible for health care benefits. If this is true, it says volumes about the problems that older Americans have with seeking long-term care for chronic health issues.

If you have questions about divorce as a method of qualifying for long-term care, an attorney with estate planning experience can help.

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